Neil Keith

Contemporary Worship Leader

Neil grew up worshipping in a traditional Episcopal church in South Tampa, serving as an acolyte and singing in the choir during middle school.  Encouraged by his musical mother, he started taking 5 years of classical guitar lessons at age 10, and began playing as part of youth camps, conferences, and events throughout High School.  In College at the University of Florida Neil became very involved in the Episcopal College Ministry in Gainesville, helping to lead worship there and later at the University of South Florida after he graduated college and relocated back to Tampa.

At St.MM, Neil hopes to be able to instill and encourage a freedom to worship God that gets us “out of our box”, because when we allow the Holy Spirit to move in our midst during corporate worship, God’s people get touched, healed, and released to explore the true calling on their lives.  Neil respects the various worship formats found at the different services at St.MM and appreciates the support he’s received here, and invites you to come join us as we learn together how to worship our awesome God.